Dwarka Kalibari was established in 2003 as a society under the Society’s Registration Act (XXI) of 1860 as a Religious and Social organization.

Dwarka Kalibari is a socio-religious, cultural, and charitable organisation in the Dwarka Sub-City. Our goal is to uphold Bengali Culture through various activities, to create a serene and tranquil environment for all Devotees and to provide charitable services such as a charitable dispensary to all sections of the society.

Facts about Dwarka Kalibari




Daily worships of Maa-Kali, Lord Mahadeva, Radha Krishna, Hanumanji.

To arrange special Pujas like Sri Sri Durga Puja, Sri Sri Kali Puja, Sri Sri Lakshmi Puja, Sri SriSaraswati Puja, Sri Sri Annapurna Puja and worship of other Gods and Goddesses.

To establish Old Age Home, Library, Dharmashala and undertake other welfare and charitable activities.

To help the society by providing healthcare through our Charitable dispensary.

To cater to all sections of society through routine medical and health camps.

To promote religious, social, literacy artistic, cultural, educational, humanitarian activities for the welfare of the society.

To organize relief operations in the times of natural calamities.

To raise funds/relief funds and render assistance to any individual in need or to any organization engaged in religious, cultural, social, educational and humanitarian services.

To disseminate the ideals of love, renunciation and selfless services through its activities and foster a sense of universal brotherhood in accordance with the great spiritual heritage of India.


The religious activities as per the tenets of Hindu Shastras are as under:

  • Daily Puja of Ma Kali, Shivji, Radha-Krishna and Hanumanji at the temple;
  • Kalipuja on every Amabasya night and Shri Satyanarayan Puja on every Purnima;
  • Week long Durga Puja & Sri Laxmi Puja at the ground adjacent to the temple;
  • Various other pujas as per the almanac e.g. Sri Saraswati, Sri Jagaddhatri, Annapurna puja etc.;
  • Dasa-karma services for the devotees e.g. marriages, upanayan, shraddhas etc


The social activities are as under:

  • Providing healthcare through Charitable Dispensary to public;
  • Organising health camps round the year;
  • Library service and free reading room with over 3000 titles on various subjects;
  • Bengali language teaching;
  • Holding Sharad Mela, Ananda Mela showcasing Bengali cuisine;
  • Distribution of saris and other materials, food to needy through NGOs;