Dear Members,

As we start preparing ourself for our 12th Durga Puja festivities, we would like to kick start the festive mood with the enclosed announcement of art & cultural competitions.

Dwarka Kalibari had always tried to retain and promote our deep rooted cultural heritage, keeping the same tradition we would be conducting Sruti Natak, Drawing & Painting, Solo Dance, Recitation & Solo Singing as per the enclosed details from Oct 1st-3rd, 2021.

We request you all to participate and encourage others to participate and join us to make it as successful as ever.

Amidst the current pandemic situation, we also solicit your cooperation during the event to abide the precautionary measures for our own & others safety.

– Rules & Regulations
– Competition Program Schedules
– Recitation Poems for all groups

Please register soon and share the videos to the respective event coordinators and feel free to connect with Smt Nandita Nath @ 9871200809 (preferably after 4PM on working days) for any further queries.

Best Regards ~ PR


DKB Durga Puja Competition 2021 – Kobita

Competition Details