Dear members,

Durga Puja a emotion for us, an expression of our joy, expectations, culture, togetherness and much more.

Dwarka Kalibari’s 11th Durga Puja will be celebrated from 21 to 26 October.

We have already shared the details of how Durga Puja will be held in the present scenario keeping in mind all santization and social distancing norms. The puja will be held in the basement.

Every year as you come forward whole heartedly to make Durga Puja a success, this year too we request you to come and stand with us. The sponsorship details are as under-

1. Mool Bhog- Saptami/ Ashtami/ Navami/ Lakshmi Puja/ Kali Puja/ Sandhi Puja/ Puja flower/ Lotus: Rs 2,500

2. Sari for Maa Durga for Saptami, Ashtami and Nabami respectively/Goddess Lakshmi/ Kali/ Hawan : Rs 3,500

3. Maa Lakshmi idol(Multi sponsorship): Rs 10,000

4. Maa Durga idol (Multi sponsorship): Rs 50,000

All those who sponsor for the particular day shall receive mool bhog from Kalibari at their residence, cooked and packed under sanitized conditions.

Due to the pandemic, it will be difficult for sector collectors to reach you this year. You’re requested to do online payment, pay via cheque or swipe your card at Kalibari. Bank details are enclosed below. Payment portal will shortly be active on Dwarka Kalibari’s website then you may pay using this.

Sector collectors will send you a receipt of your online payment via WhatsApp or Email.

The sector collectors’ names and numbers will be shared soon, you may contact them if you’re not able to pay DKB via other means.

For any query you may PM PR or any of the following:

Atish Pathak: 9810208418
Tarun Maiti: 9810745206
Rakesh Kundu 9582260102
Rahul Ghosh9811951976